My Scary China Doll Lucy

by Hannah

I was sitting in my room one day on my laptop, I had a little china doll named Lucy, I never played with her I thought she was too childish for me but I always thought she looked at me in a freaky way

one day I told my mom to throw her out my mom said no because she was a beautiful antique. One day when my mom was away shopping I grabbed Lucy and threw her in the was the day that the bin men came around so I knew she would be away for sure

I looked out the window and I saw the bin men throw her into the bin lorry. The next night I had a sleepover with my frieds Rebecca and Judy. We went into my room and I told them what I did with my doll Lucy (we all laughed) we went downstairs to get dinner (we were all full).

We went back upstairs to go on my laptop we opened the door and walked in and there sitting on my bed 'The China Doll' we could all here it as if it was chuckling at me. Judy and Rebecca screamed and ran down the stairs I was frozen was fright, then the second after I ran after them

we got my mom and told her to come up into my room we told her what happened we walked into my room and she was gone...That night there was a storm I saw Lucy sitting by my bedside staring at me with her giggley little laugh I blinked and she was gone.

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