My Puppy Named Rainbow

by Amela H.

it is me

it is me

My story is about me getting my puppy. She is very cute. Then I notice I have to work hard and take very good care of my pet. You know that you have to be responsible to have a pet. My story is also about to have fun with your pets.

When I got my puppy I was kind of scared of her. After a few days I was not scared of her any more. Then, my puppy popped in her bed. I am lucky that is was plastic so I could clean it up. Then my dad take me to pets mart. We went in the store.

We bought things for her and we bought a food bowl, a bag of food, and treats. She was happy I bought all that stuff. Then, the next day we played with ever thing we bought her. I love her so much because she licks me when I come from school. She is right there waiting for me. Then, I finish my homework. Then, I go outside and I play with her.

She is so cute she has brown spots on her and she is white. When she scratches her head she makes a clown face. When she hears something weird she churns her head and her ears goes up. When she sees a bug she goes after it and she sticks her head in to the grass. It is so funny because she does it a lot of times.

Then, one day we let her go but we had to run after her. She went on the road . Then one lady came out of her car and ran after my puppy. she got my puppy and me and my sister carried her home. then, we told my dad he said what happened?

Then, he said OMG!!!! My mom came home and we told her she stated laughing. Then, we play with rainbow more. We made her bed and she went to sleep.

Then, I watched T.V. a little and my sister went in her room. Then, I was fixing up my book bag. Then, I played with my hamster. Then, I put him in his bed. Then, I put my self to bed.

SOOOO what do you think? I love my puppy a lot and I do not want to lose her ever. My puppy is very healthy. my puppy is eating ever thing I give her. My puppy is making me laugh a lot.

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