My new home in the country

by James McMAhon
(Newnan Ga. USA)

Mary Grace was a happy 6 year old girl. She moved to a farm house isolated in Alabama with her parents. Her parents had always dreamed of having a farm with livestock and fresh vegetables with clean air and a simple way of life.

Mary Grace's mother told her that there would be no kids for her to play with when they first moved there because they would live so far away from the city and the suburbs, but reassured her she would make friends at school and church.

Her parents were busy unpacking boxes trying to get moved into the old farm house. Mary Grace was of course in the way and her mother told her to go and swing on the old oak tree. This tree was massive and had a swing hanging from a solid branch her father tried out to be sure his daughter could play on safely.

Mary Grace was swinging by herself when she heard a child's voice calling her name from afar. "Mary Grace....Mary Grace....can I play with you?" Mary Grace tried looking towards the direction of the voice. She answered "hello.....what's your name?"

She ran inside and told her Mother she heard a child's voice calling her to play. Her mother reminded her that there was no one within 50 miles of where they lived. She probably heard mocking birds. Gracie went back to swing when she started calling for her father to push her. All of the sudden a small thin girl with dark brown hair and pale skin appeared behind her. "I'll give you a push Mary Grace." Mary Grace said "hello" and the strange little girl started to push her on the swing.

Mary Grace was swinging higher and higher. Both girls were laughing and having fun. Then Gracie was swinging even more to where she started to get a little scared. "Ok ...Ok... that's high enough..." But the little girl pushed even harder with greater force. Mary Grace started screaming at the top of her lungs. "Mommy! Mommy! Help me!"

Her mother looked out her kitchen window and saw how high she was swinging, her baby girl barely able to hold on. She ran out to stop the swing. Mary Grace cried "Tell her to stop pushing so hard mommy!" her mother cried to her daughter "There is nobody there!"

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