My Little Sister

by Rianna
(UK (United Kingdom))

I so cold, I waiting for a hour and hour for recuse. But there was no one. I wish it never happen, but it like being in hell for life. All of my family were killed, include my 2 maid and 2 bulter and 3 cooks and my 2 dogs Rosa and Poppy, even my cat Yoda and ferret, Kite. Exepct for my little sister Lora, she so lucky that she mangne to escape.

It only me now with the dead body all over place which smell really badly.

By the way I am Donna Mitten and I tell you what happen...

We moved in this rather old, but grand house with lots of room include the guest room, restroom, nurse room and basement. One night I was sleep with 3 of my sister, I was the oldest one here, but not so older as my brother Harry. Lora, Kayley and Lucie were with me while my older sisters Victoria and Oliva sleep in other room and my little brother Fred, Josh and Billy sleep in other and older brother Harry sleep in other.

By the way, one night as it tick to 1 minute before midnight, I couldn't sleep because I keep hearing this thump nosie. But suddenly there was a crash. I just think it might be my 2 dogs Rosa and Poppy messing about. But I was wrrooonnng, the crassh was louder that before. I starting to get worrying and check on my three sister, they are sleep, alive. I ran to parent room wake them up telling them about the nosie. Guess what, they said it just the dogs. 'JUST THE DOGS' I was so mad, I knew it was not the dogs, but they won't listen and gone back to sleep. I decide that I don't need them and check out alone. Creeping down the stair, I starting to think this is wrong, but I just carrying on. I walk to the kitchen check if something had fall off just in case my cat Yoda had knock something off. But there was nothing. So I think it was nothing, but I was wrroonng. As I got upstair, Kite and Yoda shot off hid under the table screaming. I panic check if they ok, but Yoda just stare at the chair and Kite struggling to hide. Then there was a big CRASH behind me. I turn my head, nothing was there. Then i turn back, Yoda disappear, Kite lying on floor..... dead! I panic, look for Yoda, then my sister Lucie running down the stair, screaming for life.

I ask her what wrong and she said that Kayley was dead and Lora disappear. I ran upstair and Lora was there crying. I think there might be the killer in house. So I ask Lucie to stay with mum and dad with Lora in case, then Lucie said where is Yoda and other. I reply that Kite is dead but Yoda disappear but Rosa and Poppy was in bed. She cried but I just shout at her to go stay with mum and dad and Lora. I ran down stair check on Rosa and Poppy, then fine then ran upstair again and Lucie ran said that parent is dead. I open my eyes, thinking, the killer is on loose. Then I ran to Fred, Josh and Billy room, and yet they dead. I panic ran to Harry room and yes he dead. The only room i need to check is Victoria and Oliva room. I ran to their room and relive they are alive. Then I ran back to Lora and Lucie (use to include Kayley but she dead so) Guess what, Lucie lying dead on floor and no sight of Lora again. Then Oliva screaming running down the corridor saying that Victoria is dead. So it only me, Oliva, Lora(disappear at moment), Rosa, Poppy, Yoda(same, disappear at moment), and maid, cooks and bulter. But then Rosa and Poppy shot into my room, very fast.

I went downstair and found Yoda at last but not very good welcome, he dead as well. I ran to guest room where maids, cooks, and bulters sleep. They all dead lying on floor lifeless. I heard a scream coming from upstair, so i ran upstair but trip over in half way up. It was Lora, she screaming at the dead body of Oliva. I tried to comfort her but then Poppy whining, I ran to her and then there was a dead body of Rosa. But then there was a loud CRASH I turn around but there was nothing the turn around again, Poppy is dead.

Then the door slammed, I kept turning around in case there killer around somewhere. I just sweating, very sweating and crying at the same time. I trapped in room with Poppy and Rosa lying dead. And I feel lost and confused. Then I heard Lora crying outside the room. I banging on the door try to get her to open the door, but she can't hear me and contuine on crying. Then I heard the crash and turn around. It last move I ever made.

I heard my sister was talking to someone, and there was a loud blared of police and recuse. I was left out alone in dark room listening to my sister Lora being recuse but inorge me as I was nothing. I was killed, by who? Who know. Then I look outside the window, Lora walking with the police looking up to me as she know I here. She stare at me as she did it. To kill us all....

RIP In memorial of much loving Mitten's family who died in tragic death.

RIP Let us remember the lovely maids, bulters and cooks who really lovely to Mitten's family
RIP In memberial of Rosa, Poppy, Kite and Yoda who been lovely pets for the family.

They give the live to Lora Freya Mitten,
Donna Hannah Mitten, body whose never been found in 100 years

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