My Little Cousin

by Anna

My little cousin, Felix, is a nightmare. He winds everyone up.

He has pretended to have measles with Aunt Winnie's best lipstick, dressed up the hamster, put my pants in the freezer and put jam in his parents' bed.

However, the worst thing he ever did, the worst trick he ever played, was on poor Grandpa Joe.
Grandpa Joe has had dentures for years. He got them when he was only twenty (which the ladies must have found REAL nice.)
One day, Grandpa Joe, my Aunt Winnie and Uncle Paul and their son, eight-year-old Felix, were staying over at our house.

It was quite nice, and Felix behaved - at least, we thought he did.

But that night, he sneaked up to Grandpa Joe's room. He took his dentures and glued them together!

The next morning, when poor Grandpa Joe put his dentures in, he couldn't speak or take them out.

We all wanted to kill Felix!

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