My Little Brother

by Jess

I'm Naomi. My little brother is Tyler. Tyler and my dad were in a severe crash when he was just three. My mum had passed away that year and my dad died in jail after that. Tyler had a disease with no name. He called it 'Metalized', he had escaped his crash with it. Five pieces of metal from the courier truck that hit him were lodged in his arms, legs and waist. If they reached his heart, he would instantly and spontaneously die of shock.

It was just me and him. The school payed for our tuition. We stayed with our friend Kassandra. It seemed like yesterday... I wish he was still here.

One day, I went to school to hold little Tyler's hand. He was just six at the time. I was eleven and in the last year of Primary. I was planning to take him to my school. All the schools in our area just loved him.

I had a scholarship to Caterina High. The richest school there was. Tyler was going to the school just over the fence. Caterina Primary. We would stay together so I could look after him. I took Tyler to class and he asked me "Sissy? Why can't I stay here when you go to High School?" What did I say? "You have to be a little man." I replied. He smiled cutely. Tyler just adored how smart I was. I stayed with him during recess and lunch. At 2:30pm when I took him to class, his teacher began to yell at him when I walked away. I didn't notice.

Then it started to get louder. I heard crowds of kids gathering at the door. Kassandra ran over. "NAOMI!! TYLER IS HURT" She yelled. My head flew upwards. "Nobody hurts my little brother!" I announced willingly so someone would hear me. I dashed to the classroom where the crowds were. I pushed through. Cut took place because of the teachers pens and the scissors people held.

"Tyler!" I gasped. He was on the floor. Blood came out of his head. I looked up with red, glowing eyes. "Who did this?" I whispered in an outraged voice. The teacher, Miss Amy, stood with her hands over her face. She began to run through the crowd towards her car out in the car park.

I was taken to hospital waiting for the doctors to finish their examination procedures. Dr. Goodwin walked out. "Is he alright?" I asked sadly. Dr. Goodwin shook his head. "The metal components reached his heart. The teacher yelling made his blood pressure rise, causing the components to travel faster. Miss Amy smacked his head. Brain damage took place. Tyler had amnesia for a few minutes forgetting everything but one memory. By the time you arrived. It was too late." Dr. Goodwin replied sadly.

"Was there anything he left that he was holding?" I asked shyly. He handed me a note that was found from his pants pocket. It read:

'My dearest Sister,

There is a surgery to cure me from my Metalized condition! I found out from doctor when he called yesterday at home! I am so happy. It costs $300,000,000 but we can afford it! The school and hospital will pay. :) I love you sissy. You are pretty :)

Love TylER'

His writing was messy, but I could read it. I collapsed onto the floor. It was just me in the world, me and me alone. I sobbed on the hospital tiles. That note is now framed and hanging in my hotel room. I am in college now, studying at Yale in America. It cost a lot to get from Australia to America, but I didn't mind working five jobs. If Tyler didn't die, I would have enough to pay for the surgery to free him from 'Metalized'...

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