My First Fairy Tale

by Madyson
(Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada)

This is a good story

This is a good story

This is a good story
This is the fairy and the handsome prince
This is Bruzer
And this is CherryBlossom

Once upon a time, there was a fairy, her name was Elizabeth. She was so pretty that a handsome prince loved her. His name was Nick.

They each had a dog. Elizabeth had a Yorkshire Terrier, his name was Bruzer. Prince Nick had a German Sheppard, her name was CherryBlossom.

Elizabeth's dog was brown and black and grey and white. Prince Nick's dog was brown and black. They lived close to each other.

They met by walking their dogs and then they said "hi" to each other. The next day they had a picnic at the park. It had a swimming pool and they went swimming in it. The pool was big. The dogs went swimming too.

Bruzer and CherryBlossom liked each other and the prince and fairy liked each other, so the dogs got married, and the prince and the fairy got married, and they all lived happily ever after.

The End!

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