My First Driving Class

by Mansoor

It was a special day, my first driving class. My friend was to teach me to drive. I got up early, changed my clothes, which I had kept it ready the previous night.

I placed a call to my friend to confirm my eagerly awaited classes; he did not answer the phone. I tried again but had no luck. I gave up! Sat on the couch lethargically staring at the wall with lots of thoughts running on my mind.

Then, I heard the phone ringing. Guess who it was…’My Friend!’ I hurriedly picked the phone and answered it with a big smile but the response was contrasting. He spoke in a muffled tone and I sensed he was sleeping. He said “I slept only by 2:45 in the morning.” I offered to cancel our meeting but he ‘insisted’ that we meet and he would give me a call once he is ready.

I knew what was in store for me, so I went back to my room, slipped into the blanket and caught some Z's.

Do you know what happened to my driving class? You guessed it right!

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