My Favorite Dog

by Kai T. Marcel
(New York City)

Tobago was hot and the air was moist and all the kids were out playing ball or something like that. There was a cool breeze that made the weather nice and comforting. The smell of fresh fruit was out on the trees. What I liked best was to taste my grandmother's cooking. Tobago was great.

In the hot air of Tobago, I played with one of my favorite dogs, Sheiba, a female rottweiller. We found stuff together and played tag but the best thing of all was that fresh sea water splashing in our faces.

We would find crabs, shells, snakes, cows, fish, streams, lizards and the best thing to find was mangoes. I really liked Sheiba, although she was a dog, I could sort of comprehend what she was thinking. I felt as if I had made a new friend.

I liked going to the beach with Sheiba a lot. She was wonderful. One humid day, we went to the beach, I walked with Sheiba and my cousin walked with Sodum, Sheiba's mate. When we got to the beach we went swimming. My cousin, Sheiba, Sodum and I went under the clear blue water. It was fun. My cousin didn't want to get her hair wet, but oh well! I splashed at her and she splashed at me and we were both soaking wet.

On the way back home all the neighborhood dogs were barking and growling at us but when we got to a new house the dogs there bounded out and over the fences and were on the road barking even louder. They were trying to bite us! That's when it happened. Sheiba and Sodum quickly sprang into action, growling and howling, fighting viciously with their shiny, sharp teeth glimmering in the sunlight!

I was frightened. Blood flew everywhere. After what seemed like five minutes, most of the dogs had run off but three of them were still there. Sheiba was chasing one dog and Sodum had a Chihuahua's neck in his mouth. The Chihuahua got away but he was limping and he had a bloody neck. Usually Sodum would kill the dogs before he let's go.

When we reached home everyone asked "what happened to you guys?" You are all bloody!" We told them the story and everyone gasped. They were thankfull that we were safe.

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