My Earliest Memory

by Laura

My sister Kelly was about four or five when this particular incident happened. I can remember it like it was yesterday. I am older than her you see so I have to play with her and do lots of other nice sisterly things with her. Of course, we do fall out occasionally but everyone falls out with other people.

Kelly has hair so blond and light, it is almost white. She also has special needs so she has to have a lot of attention anyway.

Kelly and I were playing in our spacious garden. Kelly went on the slide. Our slide has rubber things on it so we don’t cut ourselves on the sharp blade underneath. It has arch shaped metal bits for the handles, a wooden seat that has been smoothed down and a big sheet of shiny silver metal for the part you slide down. Our dad made it himself. He made it as safe as possible for us so that we couldn’t hurt ourselves. But nothing could have prepared us for what happened next.

As Kelly climbed up the rickety wooden steps of the slide I got this strange feeling. It was like it was telling me that something wasn’t right. But I just shrugged and thought nothing of it. Man, I regret doing that. Big time! Anyway we had lots of pogo sticks, bikes, scooters, a see-saw and lots of other things cluttered all over the back lawn. I was on the swing at that point. I got that strange feeling again but this time it was telling me to turn around. So I did. One minute she was on top of the slide as happy as can be and then disaster struck.

It was like it was in slow motion. She was playing with a stick at the top of the slide. She slid down. The stick vanished. Where was the stick? Down her throat. I panicked. There was so much blood pouring out of her mouth. It was like a roaring red river. I thought it was never going to stop coming out.

I ran in crying “Mummy, mummy, Kelly’s dying, Kelly’s dying!” but she didn’t believe me at first. She just thought I was messing around but then she heard Kelly’s howl of pain and ran outside as fast as she could. She was washing up so she had her rubber gloves on.

Mum slowly began taking the stick out of Kelly’s mouth. She knew it was the wrong thing to do because Kelly could have lost even more blood but mum was so worried she didn’t know what else to do. Only half of the stick came out. Where was the other half? Still stuck at he back of her throat.

Mum picked Kelly up and put her in the car. As quickly as she could she rushed Kelly to the nearest hospital. But the nearest hospital was Louth and they wouldn’t treat her because they don’t treat children there. I don’t know why. Where to now? The hospital told mum to go to Grimsby hospital (Diana Princess of Wales) because they had a children’s ward there. Meanwhile Louth hospital had given Kelly a cloth and told her to keep her head tilted forward.

I was keeping Kelly company in the back. I was reassuring her that everything was going to be all right. On the journey there it felt like we were driving for hours. It was like time had stopped around us. I was really anxious to get my little sister to the hospital before she choked on her own blood.

Finally we arrived at the hospital. Kelly was still crying at this point and she had lost a lot of blood. We had to wait about ten to fifteen minutes before the doctor saw us. The waiting room was jam packed with patients. This frail, old lady was wheeled past us on a bed. She had her eyes closed. She looked so pale. I thought she was dead at first but then she slowly opened her eyes.

I saw a vending machine with a packet of mini animal biscuits. They are my favourites. But of course, mum rushed straight out of the house and she had no money. She had a bit of spare change for the car parking ticket but that was it. So I didn’t get my favourite snack after all.

I felt really sorry for this little boy in a wheelchair. He looked so helpless. Poor little thing. Finally. “Kelly Bishell” the doctor called. He was obviously from another part of England as he had an accent. He mumbled as he spoke but he was kind and generous though.

He asked Kelly to lie on the bed and he took a look in her mouth. He was a really good doctor because he told Kelly everything he was going to do. He did not remove the other half of the stick from Kelly’s mouth because there was already too much blood. He got a piece equipment out that was like a little vacuum cleaner. He hovered most of the blood from her mouth so he could see inside it. The doctor said she would have to have stitches. The doctor gave her some cream to numb her hand and then they stuck an injection in the back of her hand to put her to sleep. After that we had to wait outside.

It took ages. All the time I was thinking had something gone wrong? Finally the wait was over and Kelly came out of the operating theatre. After the operation Kelly found it even harder to talk because her mouth was really sore. She couldn’t eat anything either apart from jelly, ice-cream and other really soft foods. She found it quite hard to eat them as well.

Now she has fully recovered and leads a happy, healthy life and you can hardly shut her up. But no-one in my family will ever forget this tragic accident that nearly cost Kelly her life.

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