My deadly life

by Lonely Girl
( least not anymore.)

Don't tell

Don't tell

This is my honest true life story. If you don't believe it, then I don't care because by the time you are finished with this story. I will be dead.

My parents had split when I was 6 months old. I didn't really understand at the time. I got a step dad very soon, and he has raised me my whole life.

My sister and him alwayse faught. So, he kinda liked me better. But, no matter what I did, my mom and step dad liked their son more.

Now that i have grown up in my teens, my step dad alwayse takes my sisters side. We will call my sister jenny (though that's not her real name.) Jenny is really mean. She alwayse use to beat kids up in school, and get bad grades, and never did anything right. But, yet I am a straight A student, never fought in school and Im always in trouble.

My little brother timmy (again fake name) is a spioled little brat. We are all homeschooled now, and it seems as if me or my mother is always doing his home work, while he watches t.v. plays toys, and video games. Now this may not sound so bvad if he was a little baby.... but he is 13 years old!

Today we were having a birthday party, for our neighbor. and every one was outside having fun, and my sister kept asking me to watch her baby. while she hung out, out side doing NOTHING important.....while I was doing home work. Now, my mom told me to do my home work, and my little brother to watch the baby....but of course it got put off on me. So i argued with my sister.... and of course my step dad took her side again. He yelled at me and sent me too my room.... now im a really emotional teenager, and let me remind you it is almost my "time of the month"... so I am moody, and I cried. He kept yelling at me. and because I kept crying, he grabe my hair and shoved my head at the wall. Then I cried, as I tried to fix my hair that hurt, really bad I noticed how much hair he had ripped from my head.

A tear trickled down my face as I cried out for my mother. Then he came back in and kept yelling at me to shut up! I held my arms up and yelled go away leave me alone. And he raised him fist at me. (who raises their fist at a child, who isn't even theirs???) then I continued to cry so he pushed a pillow over my face until I nearly passed out. Then he walked out of the room.

I cried silently to my self until my mom came in and said, "hey you need to be quiet, people can here you out side, and I will handle you when its over" obviously she thought it was my fault again.... every thing is alwayse my fault....

Today I decided I am going to end it. I will write two notes and tape them to my dangling feet. I made a noose from a jump rope and hung it to my ceiling, then wrote two notes that went like this.

Note #1:

Step dad,

I hope you are happy, I hope you are glad.
you did something wrong and you made me sad.
you never believe me, you are not my dad.
and now you killed me, so now I'm mad.
But do not just sit their cause I will be back.
trust me, it's sleep that you will soon lack.
you will have fear, as I did from you.
and one day you, will be dangaling too.

Note #2:


I know you did hate me but now you should feel guilt. Your daughter should be more important then a dumb party.

Then thats all I wrote and I sat them on the chair. good bye to you now, I'm taking my last breathe of air....

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