My Cruise

by Seth

About a year ago I was riding a 7 day cuise, and on the 4th day of that cruise me, my mom, my dad, and my 2 brothers and 1 sister were all sitting in our room.

We were very hungry so mom called room service and we had no idea what was on the menu, but everybody was in the mood for pizza so mom asked the guy on the phone if they had pizza and the room service guy said yes so she ordered one and then hung up and she told everybody that we were having pizza for dinner and we got very excited!

About 5 minutes later are what we thought was a pizza got here, we were all shocked on how fast it got here and when we opened the door the guy had not a pizza in his hand but a bag of pizza flavored corn snacks!!!!!!!! Everybody got really mad, and thier was only like 12 in the bag so everybody only got like 2!!!!!!!

Then mom explained that we orderd a pizza not pizza flavored corn snacks!!! And then the quy said that pizza is not on the menu, and well we endend up having pizza flavored corn snacks for dinner!

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