My Brother and best friend leaving

by Michael
(Royal oak)

Two brother who live with their mother, Theo the oldest, and Michael. Theo and Michael had a very close relationship, Theo was at his final year in High School and was getting prepare for college the next semester.

He had been doing a lot of application to these colleges and hope and pray that he got accepted in the one that he really wants. Theo wants to be a engineer,where he can work on Aircraft engine.

One day he came home, and got a mail from Michigan Avaition Institute of Technology, he was very happy, i could hear it in his voice and see it on his face, This school is about forty five minutes away, so he would have to rent an apartment close by and i over hear him say, " he would have to get a job.

I was not too happy, but i know in my heart that it was for his career. Theo saw i was looking sad, and he give he a nuckle in the head and told me that i am his best brother and friend and he will call me every day, and could and visit every weekend. I felt much better after that.

On Friday of the same week, my Mom, myself and my brother drove to the college to look around, and also to to help my brother choose a area close to the school that he would like to live, also to look at business close to the school, that we would try and get a job.

It was fun, looking around the school with my brother and i was proud of him.

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