My Best Friend is Dead

by Mia A.

Hi my name is Alexandra and I'm 14 years old. I was walking with my best friend Bree around our street at Chestnut Glendale at California.

Bree had been my friend since last year. Bree is such a weird girl. She often talks about ghosts since the day..... I've known her. She speaks in a low raspy voice like she was a ghost whispering. Her hair was always down and he often wears black and white clothes.Her parents the same.

This time was different. She pleaded to me to take her to the Glendale Cemetery. I rolled my eyes and agreed.

I explored graves to graves until......oh no no no! This can't be happening! my throat was tight to scream. The grave I saw said: Bree Rose Nelson:Born April 8 1993-May 12, 2007. I tried to scream but i thought of it. That's my friend's name! How can it be?! Same birthday same name?!

Bree noticed I was scared and shocked so she came close to me and asked whats wrong? I pointed at her grave. Bree had tears in her eyes and anger in her face. I'll explain everything before you die tonight Bree said in a low voice.

I died because of an accident at school. No one ever cared about me and my family's death. Not even my best friends. I died and no one cared Alex! and now I planned my revenge until I find the person who killed me and I THINK IT WAS YOU! she got her hands and strangled Alexandra until she was lifeless.

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