My Ball

by Catherine Pahljina
(Melbourne, Australia)

I’ve known Lola for five years, since I was a puppy. She adores me. She gives me all these different treats. Like today, we are going to the park. Lola is going to throw my ball. I love that ball!

It’s only a tennis ball, but I’ve had it since I was born. It is all slobbery and falling apart. I remember when it was brand new. I went crazy. I barked and jumped and wagged my tail. I LOVE that ball!

Anyway, as I said, we are going out today. Lola doesn’t put my lead on. She trusts me and knows I a won’t run away from her. We walked up our road and turned a corner. There it was. The park.
Lola threw my ball. I ran. I ran like the wind. I zoomed past an old lady. Dashed past chattering children. Hurtled past a policeman and his dog. Then I saw my ball. It was right in the middle of the grass. Lola was there too. She was smiling. I ran over to my ball, picked it up in my mouth and gave it to Lola.

We played with my ball all afternoon. Then I lost it. I couldn’t find my most favourite toy. I searched the grass, the pavement. I even searched the river. I couldn’t find it. Nor could Lola. Then I saw a hole. I sprinted over to it. I could smell my ball. I put my head right in the hole and fell in. I tumbled down until, BOOF!! I reached the bottom.

I must‘ve been there for a while, before I started barking. I barked my lungs out to be heard. I could hear Lola calling for me. I barked all the more. After what seemed like an eternity Lola found me. The hole was too deep and narrow for her to lift me out. She told me to wait, as she ran off. I waited.

Eventually, Lola came back with a rope and about five other people. I barked more. Then I saw my ball. It had rolled into a smaller hole. I couldn’t reach it. Lola threw down a rope. It had a little loop at the end like a lasso. I put my front legs and head into it. With help from others Lola pulled me out. When I reached the top I leapt onto Lola. She smiled and hugged me close. As we walked back home, the ball didn’t seem so important. I was just glad to be safe with Lola.

A couple of days later there was a knock at the door. Lola answered it. She came back with something familiar. It was my ball!!! I jumped and barked and wagged my tail, just like I did when I first got it.

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