My babysitting night

It was any ordinary night. I decided to babysit for the Anderson's. This wasn't anything different from any other weekend being as I babysat every weekend.

I always drove over there on Sundays and babysat from 6 to 9. So, there I was driving in my car listening to my favorite song and thinking on how I was actually excited this time. When I got there they ran threw all the emergency junk, dinner, and bed times, even though I'm here every weekend and I know it all.

The kids were excited to play games, read books, and watch movies. As the parents left they were going on and on about let's do this, and this, and this. I told them that we would eat first and then decide. So, we had dinner and played Candy Land and Mario Kart.

Soon enough it was time for bed. I tucked them in and read them a book as they fell asleep. I quietly went back down stairs and sat down on the couch and watched TV.

Now their living room is set up where the TV is across the room from the couch and about four feet behind their couch is the sliding glass door. So I was watching 'When a Stranger Calls' and I thought to myself that I shouldn't be watching this because the fact that I was babysitting didn't help much. So, there I was watching the movie and all of a sudden I jumped a little. There was a silhouette of a man on the screen. I knew that it was part of the movie.

Then I hear the parents pull up in the drive way and come into the door. They said Hello and asked me how it went. I told them that it went great and we played lots of games. Then, Mr. Anderson noted muddy footprints behind the couch. He asked if I had anybody over. I told him no. He said are you sure because we wouldn't be mad if you did and I still told him no, I swear I didn't. I came over to look at them and it looked like they were big prints form a big person. Mr. Anderson decided to call the police.

The police arrived about 15 minutes later and looked at it. They came up to me and started asking me the same questions as Mr. Anderson did and I told them the same as I said the Mr. Anderson. Then the police was asking me about do you know any big guys, do you know anyone who would mess around with you and scare you and stuff like that. I told them all the same answer, no. Then I asked what this was for. They told me they were thinking that someone had quietly opened the sliding glass door as I was watching TV and stood there behind the couch watching me.

They figured that he would've done something to me if the parents hadn't pulled into the driveway. At that second I stood there and stopped breathing. I remembered when I was watching TV and I saw the silhouette of the man and I just thought it was part of the movie. I told them that and at that moment they knew that that is what happened.

They investigated it all night and I sat there in shock. My parents came to stay with me and be there for me. The police had the dogs out and were going around the neighborhood looking for the guy. They finally decided to let me go home and they told me they would keep me updated. On my drive home I had my parents in front of me, then me, and then the Anderson's. They never found the guy and to this day I have not babysat for anyone ever again. The Anderson's got rid of the sliding glass door.

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