My Baby Brother

by Ariana Antonelli
(Frankfort, IL, United States of America)

It is 2008 and my baby brother is 2 now turning 3 on March 8th,2009. My mom has always been worried about him because he doesn't say many words. But, now he does. In June probably this year (it is November 3rd, voting tomorrow! Go Obama! well,I'm only 10 so I can't vote) Ok, back to the story, my mom got him 2 teachers who come every Thursday and Monday I think that now come Wed. and whenever to teach him how to talk.

After a couple of weeks, they found out that he has a problem with feeling things. He doesn't feel things as hard like for example, if you hit him, which I don't, he wouldn't feel it as hard as you did hit him. But, the bad thing is that he hits a lot and because of this feeling thing, he hits harder than he means to. Now, like I told you, he says many words and the teachers said that he won't have this problem forever. YAY!:) But, since he has this problem, they want him to recover right away so they want him to wear a weight vest which is a vest that has weights in it and it will make him feel things as hard as they are. Also, since he has this problem with feeling (there are a lot of problems because of this feeling problem) he pukes a lot. He pukes after like everything he eats! (and he is big for his age, when he just turned 2, people thought he was 3!

My cousin, Cecilia, is turning 3 February 14th I think, I know its February, and is so small! Well she is a normal sized baby but looks so small next to him! Also, the textures of some food feel weird like a tomato, he ate one and he spit it back out right away with a weird look on his face, are too squishy and you know how they feel so he can't stand it! (I don't like tomatoes either but they do feel like squishy, you know?)

Well, now he is good and he says a lot of things (his favorite phrase is "I don't know" and he says it all the time and it is so cute!) plus, he is very smart. One day, I was asking my other brother to get me some pajama pants (this is a true thing that happened, by the way, the 2 year old is Alexander, we call him Alex, and the 7 year old boy is Aidan. I have another sibling who is 15 named Alyssa) out of my drawer and I say "they are in the second to bottom drawer" and Alex runs out of the room and comes back in like a minute giving me some pajama pants. I was like "Mom! did you see what he did!" (she was talking to me while this happened) and she was like "He is so smart!" We never tought him how to count, he is 2!

He uses his hands for some things too. But, he is very smart for his age and starting school in March next year.

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