My Auntie's House

by Marcos C.

One day my mom came into my room and told me we are going to your auntie's house. I got so excited I haven't seen her in 3 years. On our way there there was a horrible car wreck it was bad.

Hundreds of cars crushed by big trucks and we felt kinda scared to go any further but we decided to go all the way to my aunties house. we felt safer when we got to the house.

It was the first night and i was in the kitchen by myself and i felt a little breeze pass me real fast and my neck hairs rose up. So i grabbed my drink and i went to my bedroom that i was staying in. I had to sleep with my grandma because my brother victor was sleeping with my mom.

My auntie had a two story house but she only had three rooms. It was in the middle of the night it was like 3:30am and i was sleeping and i felt the bed go down and i just thought it was just my grandma but i felt something really cold beside me and i got kinda scared. Then i looked on the side of me and there was something black laying between me and my grandma.

i couldn't talk i tried to say grandma but she couldn't hear me. Then i froze the only thing i could move was my eyes then finally it released my and it got up and ran down the stairs and down to the basement i didn't go back to sleep after that for the rest of the night.

The next morning i told my mom i wanted to go home today so we did. Before we went home my auntie said that people told her that people were buried down in the basement she believed it and now so do I

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