My Accident

by Catherine Sabbarton-Wright
(North London)

An ambulance was called

An ambulance was called

It was Summer 2000 and I was five years old. Me, my mum and my sister were on our way to Durants park to meet some friends. I had my favourite teddy with me, my mum had her hands full of bags.

Unfortunately this meant that she couldn't hold my hand and I ran out into the road, I heard a scream. Then felt the back of my head hit the cars' bonnet and I was unconscious, my body went up into the air and then flopped back down to hit the ground. Amazingly I got up out of the road and ran over to my mum crying, still with the teddy in my arms.

My head got better and I'm now 14years old, however due to the car accident and my sister hitting me over the head constantly, I now have Epilepsy. I only had absent seizures for now but when I'm 18 I could develop proper fits.

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