by Jordan McKinnon
(Everett Washington)

"It's going to be OK grandma." I kept repeating to her as she laid in the back of the ambulance crying. As we drove off I just stared at my neighbor Mike's house. Grandma, I have to quit my jobs. I said quietly. She nodded lightly. She just laid there and I just wondered what would help her.

When we got to the hospital the nurse asked me what happened. At first, it was hard for me to speak but softly I told her what happened. "OK so my grandma and I were eating in her bed and I went down stairs to get another orange. On my way up stairs I heard a scream. I got out my cell phone called the police and ran up stairs, but then I saw my moms ex husband Mike laying on top of her, choking her, but when the police arrived he was gone." I continued crying and the doctor came to me and said she had a very rare condition called "Mute".

Huh? I asked. He just walked away. What is that? Is there a cure? Will it kill her? I screamed a blood curdling scream. Then the nurse just looked at me, then looked down. A kind lady said "mute is a condition when you can not talk, and no, sweetie, there is no cure, and it will not kill her." I'm not a kid you chubby lady I'm 17.

About 3 years later it was my first day of my new job. I kissed my granny goodbye and worked my shift at Burger King. My grandma went back in bed and watched TV. She was watching TV and the phone rang. She picked up the phone and listened and a voice of an old man calmly said. "I can see you Matilda" She tried her hardest to scream, nothing came out. He pinned her on the floor took out is knive, ran it down her neck the yelled why did you leave me and he stabbed her in the brain with the knive and said in her ear this is for the memory of me. Then he stabbed her in the heart and said in her ear this is for the memory of you. So now if you go into Matilda's house, sit in her bed, you can hear the faint scream.

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