Murder in the Motel

by Lauren & Alice
(The Whitsunday island Hamilton Island)

This is what lies beneith the motel

This is what lies beneith the motel

There was a couple on a road trip 2 Peter Bourogh on the outside of Adelaide. While they were driving they turned on the radio. About half an hour later the radio started to crackle and then stopped, the girl just thought the radio was out of reach of the station.

They kept on driving and then they ran out of gas, but up a head they saw a rusty old motel. They both decided to walk up 2 the motel and stay the night. When they walked in no one was there exept an old lady and a old man who they thought ran the motel.

They wen't up to them 2 book a room. The lady said sure and gave them a key. The old lady looked at the girl in a odd sort of way, but they go up to their room and start to unpack their bag and get into their PJ's. they unpacked their bag, and found a 'wanted' sign with a picture of what looked like the old lady who owned the motel.

They started 2 get a bit scared and uncomfortable. They saw a phone in the room and dialed 000 (or if u don't know what that means, it means the police, ambulance or the fire brigade.) The policemen said they wound be able to get there at about 10:00pm. they looked at the clock and it was 9:30.

They hung up the phone and headed for the door, but blocking there way was the old lady! they sceamed so loud that you could here it from their car! the old lady grabed them and stabbed them and shoved them in a closet. the reason we know this is because our friend is a police officer and he told us the general story.

the old man claimed to not know that her wife was a murderor so he wasn't punished.

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