by Dikshita
(Thane, Mumbai, India)

A little girl named Sara was living in a house with her step mother and father. Her father comes late at night from work and he was a drunker and he use to beat Sara every night. Her mother use to beat her too and ordered her to clean the house.

After few years the girl grew up and she was interested in reading books. As she was not allowed to go to school, so near her house there was a library, she use to go to that library and read the books. One day she found a book which she had never seen in that library before. She was very exited to read that book.

Next day of reading that book she was seen hanged on the fan of her room. Some people thought that her parents have killed that girl, but the truth was inside that book.

The book was about a boy named Memo who was killed by his step parents by locking him inside the water tank. The tank was water tight and the boy was shouting for help but no one heard his voice. His step parents died after few days at midnight. They were killed by a car accident.

The house was without anyone living in it tell 50 years, but after 50 years there was a family came to live there. A girl named Sara with her step mom and dad came and settled there. Memo used to see how Sara's mom and dad use to beat her and he use to get angry on them but he needed to have a partner with him to take the revenge. So through the book he told Sara the whole story and they together killed her parents and killed every one who beat there children.

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