Movie Night

by Carly
(Silver Spring, Maryland)

Popcorn anyone?

Popcorn anyone?

Alice Parker and her little brother Benny have lived with their dad since her parents were divorced. One day he decided to suprise them with a movie. Benny was ony four and Alice was seven, so he couldn't decide what to get them. Finally he picked a plain movie with no cover. There was a disk inside so he rented it anyway.

When Alice got home from school, her dad gave her the movie. After dinner Alice, Benny, and their dad put the disk in the DVD player and started to watch. The movie started out with a black screen.

"Daddy, this movie is boring." Complained Alice.

The TV screen then turned to a family of three watching a movie. The house looked strangley familliar.

"Hey daddy, that's our house!" Benny jumped up.

The movie family sat silently, before the sound of broken glass broke the silence. The family screamed as a masked clown made its way into their house. Alice's dad gasped.

"DADDY!" Alice screamed as he clutched his kids close to him. The sound of broken glass echoed through the house.

"Am I too late for movie night?" The clown asked as he brought a knife down on the family.

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