Moonlight Manor

by O'Livia Gordon

Help is just steps away

Help is just steps away

It was getting dark. John was lost, he regretted taking that shortcut. He was running as fast as he could through the wild forest. Every so often he would stop and call out for someone...anyone. No such luck.

The sun was becoming lower in the sky. John's heart was pounding faster. Eventually he gave up, knowing he was lost and that there was no way out of the forest. There was little light left only the moon and stars were guiding his path.

John walked slower now as he grew tired. Then, suddenly, he noticed a huge building towering above him. Huge rusty gates surrounded the place...much too big to climb over. The building looked abandoned and must have been lived in centuries ago!

John was disappointed, so he was just about to leave when... a light flicked on inside the building, at the second floor's window. The rusty gates swung open. "Great! Help at last," John thought. Just as John was going to enter, a yellow piece of torn paper blew into his hands. It said "RUN!"

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