Mommy's Skin

by Deedra B.
(Rocky Mount, NC)

"Daddy" the little girl whispered softly as she tapped her father on his shoulder. It was midnight and the little girl had just awoken from a nightmare. "What sweety, did you have another nightmare?" her father replied sleepily.

"Yeah dad, it was worse than last night." the little girl replied eerily. "Well, what was it about?" the father said, tired and wanting to finish his sleep. "I can't tell you!" the little girl wined with tears in her eyes. "Why honey? Don't cry, everything will be okay." her father replied, fully awake and worried.

His little girl always told him her dreams to make her feel better.

"Because when I told you about it in my dream, the thing wearing mommy's skin sat up." the little girl replied quietly, now pail and stiff as stone.

As the father was about to reply, the covers shook behind them....

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