Missing Dogs

by BreAnna Leanes

A few years ago there was this house on Ridge Street just on the outskirts of the woods. There was this girl who is now my best friend and happened to live in this house, but anyway, I was spending the night at her house and we decided to camp out in her favorite tent? So we did and eventually we ended up falling asleep after boy talk and pizza.

At about three in the morning something came scratching on the tent door. We were both freaked. Being the brave one I un-zipped the tent door and very slowly opened it to find out it was just her dog. The dog just wanted to come in but slowly as it came in there was a strange figure out at the edge of the woods. I zipped up the tent really fast and closed my eyes.

In the morning there was a really weird footprint. Her parents didn't know what it was so there said just keep in eye out.

My parents were going to a movie so I spent the night again and we were to freaked to sleep out side.

The next morning we could not find the dog so we decided to do a search. A few weeks later there were signs up for more than 6 dogs. There was an article in the paper that warned dog owners to keep in eye out for their dogs. That very night there was a sighting of a mysterious creature that was hovering above this man's dog. The man said that he took off towards the dump so they looked and found all the dogs' corpses but the murderer was never found.

To this day there are still dogs going missing so when you think your dog has just run away think again.

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May 27, 2009
bob's revenge
by: ooble


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