Mirror, mirror

by Charlotte

There was once a girl named Poppie Dawson, and she would always wear loads of make up and spend most of her time looking in the mirror.

One day, after school, Poppie was on her own and she could hear "mirror mirror on the wall who's the best killer of them all?" Poppie didn't take any notice and she went to her favorite place of her house. Her walk-in closet.

she sat at her table and saw some make up on the table with a note saying "where this and you will be as beautiful as ever!! love from ..." Poppie didn't care who it was from she put it on and sat and stared into the mirror. Then she heard it again "mirror mirror on the wall who's the most superficial of the all?" but this time louder.

Poppie got curious then she turned to face the mirror when a horrific terrible face was in the mirror. It was her. "GOODBYE POPPIE DAWSON!! YOU ARE THE UGLIEST OF THEM ALL!!!" then Poppie got sucked into the mirror and was never to be seen again!

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