Milk Bottles

by Bob N.
(Australia NSW Sydney)

John was working in his grocery shop. Often he would see a strange poor woman with ripped clothes and no money enter his shop. The woman without saying a thing would hand him empty milk bottles and he would replace them with new filled ones. But instead of paying the woman would snatch them and run off. This happened every day.

Then one day John decided to track down the woman to try to offer her a job. The woman once again entered his shop and snatched the bottles again and left, but this time John followed the woman. To his suprise, she had led to cemetery and stopped at a small grave. Then before John could talk to her, she vanished into thin air. Later on, John called the police. Soon the small grave where the woman had vanished, was crowded with people. Paranormal investigators started digging the grave up and saw a dead woman buried with ripped clothes holding a baby and empty milk bottles.

The baby was alive and crying.

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