Midnight Murder

by Steven
(United States)

Sleepovers were the best thing we could all do together. It was coming up to midnight. Gemma, Kaley, Samantha, Me and Grace were beginning to settle down from the DVDs and treats. The giggles eventually stopped and we were beginning to drift off. The lights were dimmed. Then, out of the blue we heard a loud thud, like the front door was kicked down. We all hid in fright. Gemma, under a big pile of quilts, Kaley, behind the sofa, Samantha hid inside her sleeping bag, I hid underneath the sofa and Grace just stood there.

The door opened and a heavy footed being stepped in. I heard Grace scream and then a thump. I peeked out and saw her lying in a huddle on the floor. I saw to black boots step over to the pile of quilts. A sharp scream emitted from Gemma as I saw a big machette go into the quilts. I closed my eyes and bit my lip. Desperate screams were launched as the person cut up Samantha's sleeping bag. I was in real shock. Footsteps were heard going behind me. Kaley was there and was dragged out. There was a sharp short slash and a thud to the floor. The figure walked out and was never seen again.

All my friends were killed that night. They never found the guy who did it. That's why as I write this, I am in my own padded cell.

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Jul 30, 2009
by: Anonymous

Very nice

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