Midnight bathroom trip

by Michelle Delgado

When i was in 7th grade me and some of my friends were walking around the school. it Was around midnight when we saw a light coming from the 2nd floor girls bathroom, one of us said that it was just the cleaning lady but the cleaning lady went home at 6 so it couldn't be her. So after a while of standing there we thought it would be a good idea to jump the fence and go inside. The door to the back entrance was unlocked (we went to a very poor school so the backdoor was usually unlocked) we went up the stairs and in to the bathroom. One of us chickened out and waited outside the bathroom door. We searched for the source of the light but found nothing, we were about to walk outside the door when it slammed shut, we thought it was our friend who was playing a prank on us but as the time passed she didn't open the door. We started to scream telling her to please open the door but no response, then we heard her scream she was yelling for help we tried franticly to open the door but it wouldn't move an inch. One of us started crying then we saw something that would haunt us for the rest of our lives, we saw blood coming from under the door and then we hear demonic mumbling coming from outside we quickly hide in the stalls leaving a little bit of the door open so we could see if someone or something entered the bathroom. Suddenly we see our friends lifeless corpse flung thru the window and this huge wolf like creature enters the bathroom We completely shut the door. I tried calling the police but there was no signal ,

we hear grunting and sniffing it was sniffing each stall we hear it coming closer and closer then I fainted. I have no idea how my friends got me out of there but I woke up at the police station. I asked for my friend who had been outside the door they told me she had been brutally mauled to death I broke down and started crying. They told me it was most likely a wild animal that had entered the school thru the back door but I didn't believe them the creature I saw was huge and there where no bears in the area. To this day I have no idea what happened after I fainted my friends told me it was better for me not to know I didn't really want to know anyway. That night will haunt me for the rest of my life.

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