Merrily and The Old Fool

by Adeyinka I.

Once upon a time,there lived a pretty young girl with her parents in the hills. Her name was Merrily. She was ever cheerful and loving.

Her mother was a dwarf and her father a crippled. It is a wonder how Merrily came out of the two "wobbly Dubbly" beings. She was known in her neighbourhood as "Merrily the Smiley".

However there was a notorious old man called Luctus.The Short sturdy man was a threat to the children in the neighbourhood of Fodas. He always waylaid school children, collected their snacks and beat them up. It was indeed a tough time for all in the neighbourhood. This was his usual practice but nobody ever caught him. Before anybody ever got to the scene he would have disappeared.

Merrily was going to the groceries to get some stuff for her mother on a sunny day. Luctus was up to his mischief again on this fateful day when he jumped out of the woods. The girl was afraid and terrified so she screamed and said "Help" Gbaoh, the man landed on a piece of wood consisting sharp nails. Guess what? A sharp nail went into his flesh. Alas the old fool paid dearly for his cruel behaviour. The pretty girl ran to the old fool and hugged him tightly. Blood was gushing out like a tap and so she removed her hair ribbon at once and tied it round the wound. She rubbed his body and nursed the wound. Her voice was soft and words soothing. Luctus was so surprised and ashamed of his cruel action. I have never met a wonderful person like you, Angel. You are a different being. He burst to tears.

Respectfully Merrily told the old fool ,"I have to leave now".I hope to see you soon. Till i see you do not stop being good and i promise i will stop being bad. Luctus replied. Merrily smiled and waved as she went away.

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