by Mika
(Davenport, Iowa, U.S.)

There was a girl named Melody that had died in the very spot I was standing on. She had died in 1875 and was only 7 years old.

No one knows what happened to her. People say that her ghost haunts this forest, but I'm not scared of her, or anything the people had said about her. Well, there is one thing that I thought was creepy about her though.

It was that she had killed her parents when she was 6 years old. I could just imagine that bloodbath. Uhhhg... Nasty image, also creepy.

My friend Megan had told me that she and her dad went camping in this forest on July 26th 2007. She told me, that on the second day she was there, she started hearing a voice that told her to get out. She didn't get scared of it at first, but when it started getting dark and windy, (Only at the forest.) she got scared. She told her dad and they got out of the forest ASAP.

I somehow believed and didn't believe the story at the same time. I mean, I do not think ghosts are real, and how can something so scary and creepy happen?

I kicked the dirt and it flew in the air for a while. I stared as it flopped on the ground again. Then, I saw the dirt fly up from the ground and flop on my pants. I widened my eyes and just pretended that didn't happen at all! It didn't work on pretending it never happened. It just kept going over and over in my head, and I just couldn't stop it, but to think how that just happened.

I managed to stop thinking about the scene and started walking to the stream. I bent over to see my face in the stream. I saw something in the water, so I knelt down on my knees and picked the thing up. When I got the water off the thing I picked up, I saw it was a crumpled photo. I straightened the photo and saw that it was also ripped. I saw a girl in the middle, she didn't look happy, and she looked around 4 years old, and the other two people were ripped out. The picture was old, but I knew that I was going to see who these people were!

I got up and started walking to no where I knew of. I walked straight up, left, right, and then stopped when I saw an old house lying in the forest. I never knew there would be people here, but I felt tired and hungry. So I ran up to the front door and knocked. A little girl around 5 years old opened the door.

"Hi hi!!" the girl said to me. "We never have visitors!" "Who's there Milly?" a voice, which sounded like a woman, asked. "A visitor mommy!" the girl replied. The woman opened the door wide and smiled. "Why hello there," the woman said. "Come in, please," "Thank you," I said as I walked inside the house.

The house looked way better inside, than out. "Can you have a Tea Party with me?" the girl asked smiling. "Oh sweetheart, why don't you go wake up your brother," the woman said. The girl nodded and when up a stair case. "What are you doing out here in the middle of this forest?" the woman asked me.
"I was working on my homework assignment," I made up quickly. "Well, it's dangerous out in this forest," she said. "There are bears, snakes, and other dangerous creatures," "Oh. I felt tired and went here," I said. "Do you mind if I stay for a while?" "Oh, no! I don't mind. You can stay," she replied nicely.

I thanked the woman, met her son and daughter, but didn't see her husband. Probably he died, I thought. Her name was Isabelle, the girl's name was Milly, and the boy's name was Sebastian. Isabelle was 45 years old, Sebastian was a year older than me, which was 16 years old, and Milly was what I thought, 5 years old. The time went by fast and it was night already! Milly showed me to the guest room, which was next to Sebastian's room. I got inside and settled down in the room. I sat on the bed and soon went to sleep.

In the middle of the night, I awoke of a chill on my back and shoulders. I turned around seeing nothing, but the door, closed. I heard footsteps go down the stairs, so I got up from the bed, and went down the stairs. As I turned a corner to the kitchen, I was relieved it was only Sebastian. Sebastian turned around seeing me.

"Scared me a bit there," he said setting a glass of water down. "I thought it was Melody." "What do you mean Melody?" I asked confused. "She's real?" "Yea, haven't you heard?" Sebastian said. "She haunts this forest. It includes this house too," "Oh... Well, I don't believe in ghosts Sebastian," I said raising an eyebrow. "Well too bad. Ghosts do exist and they will haunt you forever," he said. "Melody was real, and she still stands today."

Sebastian drank the water in the glass cup and set it in the sink. He said bye and went upstairs. I was starting to think Sebastian was only trying to scare me. Well he reached his goal, if he was trying to scare me... I was scared and wouldn't dare to go to sleep alone. But I got in the room and tried to sleep anyway.

I got comfortable and tried to sleep, but I kept hearing footsteps going up and down the stairs. I got annoyed of it and opened the door to see who it was. I saw no one and no thing. I got a little worried and closed the door. I got comfortable in the bed again, tried to sleep, again.. Then footsteps were being heard from outside of Sebastian's door. I opened the door and saw Sebastian's head pop out also.

"Annoying sound," I said raising both eyebrows. "Agreed," Sebastian said. "Lets go check it out,"
"Why?" I asked him. "What? Are you scared?" he said. "No!" I answered. "I'm a 15 year old girl! I can do things on my own!" "So you'll go check the noises out on your own?" Sebastian said raising an eyebrow. "Heck no!" I said stepping out of the room. "Then come on," Sebastian said starting for the stairs.

I followed Sebastian to the front door. He opened it and I followed him out. Everywhere he went, I was right behind him.

"Mika... Stop following me from the behind," he said. "It creeps me out," I stopped following him from the behind and started following him from his side. I felt a cold hand on my shoulder. I guess Sebastian did too, because we both turned around.

"Creepy," we both said turning back. "That was probably--"

"Nah! It probably was the wind!" I said not wanting to hear the name. "Uhm Mika..." Sebastian began. "No wind?" "Oh, yea," I sighed.

After half an hour of walking, trying to find the answer, Sebastian and I stopped. Right in front of us, about 2 feet away, was the little girl in the picture. She was transparent, but almost real. I pulled the picture out from my pocket and handed it to Sebastian.

"That's her," he whispered very quietly, I could almost not hear him. "She's... actually a ghost..." I whispered in shock.

I almost collapsed to the ground, when Sebastian got me on his back and he headed back to the house. When he got to the house, he went inside and locked the door tightly. He dropped me on the couch and I got up.

"I gotta bunk bed..." Sebastian said. "Yea, good idea.." I said. We got into Sebastian's room, locked the door, and I climbed onto the top bunk. I pulled the sheets over my head and gulped.
"I don't want to see her again Sebastian," I said.
"I don't either," he replied honestly. "I've been through way too much of her. Lets make her grave R.I.P," he said going to sleep.

I whispered OK and also went to sleep. Sebastian and I woke up in the morning and quickly got ready to make Melody's grave rest in peace. When we were done, we headed to Melody's grave spot. There was a tomb stone saying nothing.

"Mika, lets carve on Melody Richardson, R.I.P." Sebastian said panting. "OK," We grabbed rocks nearby and carved on what Sebastian said. Everything was spelled right and perfect. I added on, Died in 1875, January 7th.

After that, everything went well in the house that morning and afternoon. When it was nighttime, I stayed over again.

And that time, everything was fine.

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