by Megan deceased

One day my friends and I decided to resurrect our deceased friend Megan. A year ago, Megan was walking down the street when a drunk driver came out of nowhere and hit her. When Megan was hit her head snapped back so hard that her head was dislocated and flew right off her shoulders. Obviously she was killed and the police never found her head so they laid her to rest without a head.

Anyway my friends and I had a ouija board which can be used to contact the dead. We had been playing with it for about an hour and we were about to give up until one of my friends, Chelsea, came up with an idea. She said that we needed to close our eyes, hold hands, and make up a spell that would teleport Megan under the covers of the bed we were sitting on.

After we contacted the angels and told them to bring Megan back, all of a sudden we heard a thump and the covers on the bed were pushed up as if someone had fallen asleep with the covers over their head. After we all saw the covers we all cheered while Chelsea pulled back the covers. Ummmmm guys, I think you should see this.

As we gathered around the resurrected body and looked at it, all of our faces twisted in horror. Even though Megan's body was with us her head was not. And even though she had no mouth she rose up in the air, summoned a knife from the air, and faced us saying "Hello guys I missed you. Now let's get together and play like we used to. Now let's just change you guys to look like me."

"We don't want to be dead like you." I said. "Oh no not dead" said Megan, "I'm talking about being headless." And with that she rose up to the ceiling and swooped down to all of my friends and cut off their heads. She then faced me and swooped down towards me. I didn't want to see it so I closed my eyes. A second later I heard a rip, and then I heard my body slump to the floor but my head was not resting on the ground. My head was in the air.

"Now" said Megan "we all look the same, so let's play." and with a cruel laugh ringing in my ears I blacked out and woke up with my head in a tree and my body being lowered into a grave right by Megan's grave and all of my friends graves.

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