by Elizabeth

Mary just got back from school. It had been a long day and she was hoping perhaps when she get home she could lay down and rest. But however things doesn't go as she planned.

She started to have some strange feelings as she reached the gate that leads inside her house. She opened the gate and walked towards to open the door. After taking a few silent steps she held out her hand to open the door. After taking a deep breath she stepped inside the house and then get to know that it's all dark and silent inside.

Her legs start to shake in fear and she felt like not moving on but something kept pushing her forward and she couldn't help herself but walk on. she started to breathe faster as she take each step towards the dark creepy room.

suddenly,out of no where,she saw a flash out of light in the sitting room and Mary thought something in her was going to explode as the the light suddenly dis-appear. She knew she couldn't go on to find out who is turning the light on and off so she decided to turned back and leave the house but she was too late as someone gently whispers her name from behind "Mary,dont go" the voice said and as Mary turned her back again to find out who it is, there was suddenly lights on everywhere in the room and Mary sighed from relief as she saw her mom smiling right in front of her. She ran and gave her a tight hug as it has been two months since she last saw her.

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