Mark and Michelle

by Jarrad
(Adelaide, SA, Australia)

Mark and Michelle are a young couple in love, living life to the max and happily married. Mark works as a fourth year apprentice carpenter and was soon to get his full qualifications. Michelle works as a Pharmacy assistant and a very sporty and caring person. They were visiting Michelle’s Mum and Dad in the Riverland. A small town, Winkie, which is just south of Berri.

Mark often helps them out repairing the Houseboat and in return, he rides their Jet Ski. They do this a few times a year to escape their busy lifestyles and catch up with family.

After a relaxed and rejuvenating weekend, Mark and Michelle headed home to Adelaide. They normally leave early afternoon before dark as Michelle and Mark take turns at driving as Michelle doesn’t like to drive at night, but the weather was deteriorating and Mark had to complete some last minute roof damage before the expected heavy rains.

As they were leaving and saying their goodbyes it started raining much to the joy of Michelle’s parents, the rain will help fill the river and help keep them afloat. Buoyed by their weekend away they both started singing ‘Mamma Mia’, as it was playing on the radio. Out of nowhere, there was a news flash which announced that “a patient from the mental institution had escaped and that people in the area should lock their houses and secure their windows. Police are hunting down this highly disturbed person and have asked you not to approach him but call if sighted!”

About this time, Mark’s car started jumping, a distance away from Truro, which was the next town and a long way out of Winkie. He glanced down at the fuel gauge and noticed the car was running on empty. He looked at Michelle annoyed because she was meant to have filled up in Berri before they left that day. Mark stopped the car and went to the boot to get a container for some petrol. He went back to Michelle who was still embarrassed by the situation and said, “I’ll have to head to Truro because it is the closest town, so make sure you lock the doors and stay calm” and then headed out into the dark cold wet night.

When he left, Michelle locked the doors and turned off the radio, curled up on the back seat and fell asleep. When she woke up she noticed she had been asleep for half an hour and Mark wasn’t back yet, worried she turned the radio on for any more announcements from the police about the mental escapee.

She fell back asleep with the radio on, hoping the noise would take her mind off of being in the middle of nowhere alone. During her sleep she was woken up by a loud noise coming from outside of her car she turned the radio off and listened to the noise it went Whooo! Thud! Thud! She realised it was coming from the top of her car just above her. After this had happened, she saw cars light up with red and blue lights flashing from behind her and she hears a man speak over the loud speaker saying, “Person get out of your car and run towards me and don’t look back.” There goes the noise again Whooo! Thud! Thud!

She is really scared and is trying to build up the courage to step out of the door and get to the Police Officer. The Police Officer announces once again, “Person get out of your car and run towards me and don’t look back.” So she builds up all of her courage and confidence gets out the door and she is running towards the Officer and she looks back and sees a man with her husband’s head, hitting it against the roof. She could hear the splat and crack of the head as it hit each time.

The psycho was arrested and the rest of the body was recovered for the funeral the next week.

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