by Victoria Syverson
(Camas, WA)

In the 18th century, many soldeirs of the revolutionary war had no shoes. They marched through the snow, leaving bloody footprints from the cracking ice beneath them. Many died. It was a sad time in history. But as the soldeirs marched past a home, no matter what, everyone could hear the sound of a steady drum playing. As the soldeirs marched forward...

Adam Gurrish was a twenty-three year old man in the 1700's. He was a middle class American who joined the army. As Adam marched through the snow, his fingers cold as black ice, he and his fellow soldeirs heard their trusted leader George Washington call out, "We shall set camp!"

The frozen troops worked through the snow and ice, putting up tents and making fires. It was bitter work, difficult in the snow. But Adam and the troops pushed their bodies to the limit.

There was a small home nearby. A widowed mother lived in the home with her daughter, Elizabeth. Adam and his two friends Humphrey and Edmond, who were also partaking in the war, knocked on the small wooden door. Elizabeth answered the door. She and Adam locked eyes. Elizabeth smiled. Edmond demanded at least five pounds of rice from Elizabeth. Elizabeth obeyed, and the three men were on their way. But Adam could not forget Elizabeth.

Elizabeth and her mother patched up holes in the soldeirs jackets, to help their troops stay strong. Elizabeth sewed her name in the back of Adam's jacket, so that after the war was over he could return to her. Adam was torn the next morning, as Geeorge Washington announced that they were to pack up camp and to leave soon. Adam ran to Elizabeth. He was going to spend as much time with her as he could before he left...

Adam's shoes finally broke as he marched. All the soldeirs had either weak lead shoes or no shoes at all. Adam's right shoe seemed to melt right off his foot. A man tapped his shoulder from behind.

"Are you strong enough, little boy?" He asked.

Adam thought. Was he strong enough? To walk with no shoes in the ice? To march on a near empty stomache? Would he die on the battlefeild?

"I am." Adam confirmed. He kicked off his left shoe. He thought other's would grab his left shoe from the snow after he kicked it off. But he soon realized just how strong his army was. He smiled as he marched through the snow, leaving a bloody trail. The sound of the drums shimmered in his ear. Ba-Da-Dum Ba-Da-Dum

Elizabeth's knees sank at Adam's grave. His body buried on top of a hill. She wept, collapsing near the engraved stone beside her. It read -Adam, great son, father, and holy savior-

Elizabeth walked home slowly. She wondered what it felt like to be shot. Adam had been shot. He had died with a smile. She walked in the door and lifted her child in the air. Her son was only three. Adam never got to see his son. Elizabeth screamed as she heard a sound out her window. Ba-Da-Dum Ba-Da-Dum

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