Mansion Mayhem

by Zahra
(Slough )

As I steadily approached the abandoned mansion my mind was confounded because I couldn’t think clearly. I couldn’t think about anything at this moment but the freezing sinister atmosphere around me. I could barely hear my heartbeat and the gate rasping as I opened it, petrified.

I got closer and close to the door and saw a dozen spiders scattering away as if something had poisoned them to death, although I was reluctant to go back, something made me go in. A huge rush of howling wind came like a wolf and opened the mansion door.

I crept up to the stairs when a white presence came upon me it looked like a shadow, the white shadow, it was tall shadow up to the ceiling and had no face or anything it was just there standing high tall like a tree. I felt really cold and I knew I was not alone I knew something was there, I knew something was following me.

My life was flashing before my eyes I wanted to run but it felt like something was holding me back crept up to the bathroom not knowing what was coming for me. Someone was behind me and I felt a stab on my back but when I turned around nothing was there, I felt it again someone or something stabbing me on my back right on my bone I could feel it I thought I was going to die actually I knew it. Suddenly I saw that white shadow again just for a second and it disappeared.

My head was spinning round and round I could feel I was about to faint, then suddenly a red light came from the ceiling something was happening. I tried to run away I had to get out of the mansion. I could feel the freezing wind like I was in Antarctica. My head was about to explode. 5...... I ran down to the door. 4......I closed my eyes, 3......I twisted the door knob, .......2, I pushed it open.......1, BANG.....I jumped as far as I could.

An hour later I woke up in hospital and I was told that I had been involved in a serious accident and that a mansion had been blown up. I was speechless nothing to say.

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