by Laura-Jane Newby

There was a girl called Mandy who lived with her parents and her brother. Mandy was 9 years old and it was soon her 10th bithday.

The day before Mandy´s birthday, her dad went out to shop and bought her a doll. The next day he gave her the doll for her birthday. She loved it and played with it all the time.

About 3 months later she stopped playing with the doll. One night when all were asleep, Mandy had left the doll downstairs. At midnight the doll woke up. She started walking. "Mandy, I'm on the first step" the doll spoke while walking. "Mandy I've passed your brother's room". "Mandy, I've passed your parents' room". "Mandy I'm in your bedroom". "Mandy" the doll spoke. Then she grabbed Mandy and threw her down the stairs.

In the morning when Mandy´s parents and brother woke up and went downstairs they found Mandy, dead on the floor, and they found the doll right where it had been left the night before.

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