Man in black

by CAD

There is a mom and a girl that lived togther in a ordinary house. One morninng the mom had to walk to the shops to get some things. So she told the girl lock all the doors and windows and don't answer any phones or turn the sterio up loud. But when the mom left she locked all the doors and windoes except for one and answered the phone and turned the sterio up.

Then she heard a knock knock at the door. She peeked out the window and there was a man dressed in black so she turned everything down and went to her room. She puts her hand under the bed becuse her dog licks her hand. Then she heard the shower dripping so she went to turn it off but when she looked in the shower her dog was hanging up dead.

So the windows that she never locked her got in and killed her dog. So altogether it was the man in black that was licking her hand. That's digusting.

But if you read this story you will get red eyes during the night.

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