Magic world

by Smriti
(China )

Protagonist: Mary is the protagonist. She is nine years old. She has two sisters and their names are Jas and Jes.

Deuteragonist : Jas and Jes are the deuteragonist. They are kind and helpful. They are twins sisters and are eight years old. They love their elder sister, Mary.

Antagonist: Mr Wolf is the antagonist. He is a wicked man. He lives in a cottage which has spiders and stinky worms sticking out of the walls. His cottage was on a street called Trick Street. He lies a lot and tricks others. Not only he tricks other people but also tricks his family.

Setting of the story and characters

Mary and the twins lived with their Aunt and Uncle. The girls’ Aunt and Uncle were sweet to them. Their house was in a small village, in a street called Animal Street. Their house had a beautiful vegetable patch. All kinds of vegetables like tomatoes, potatoes and cabbages grew in the vegetable patch. There was a river flowing by the end of the street. Their street had many tall trees. These were magic trees. In autumn the leaves on the trees turned into many colours like red, yellow, orange and purple. It was very beautiful to see but there was no magic in autumn. However, in spring different kinds of flowers bloomed on the trees and also ruby red apples grew in bunches. Anyone who ate the apples from these magic trees could fly for the rest of the day.

Everyone except Mr Wolf knew about this. No one told Mr Wolf as he was very very very very very very MEAN and they were concerned that if Mr. Wolf ate the apple he could not only fly but also he would be more evil. The villagers told Mr Wolf that these apples were very bad for health and so no one was allowed to eat it. Luckily, Mr Wolf did not like red ruby apples. He liked emerald green apples.


One day Mr Wolf decided to have an emerald green apple. But he had no apples in his house. So, he said to himself that he will go to the Animal Street and try out some ruby red apples. He did not worry about the villagers warnings.

One of the villagers saw Mr Wolf coming towards the Animal Street. He told others “We are in trouble. Get inside your houses and do not answer the door for Mr. Wolf.”


But the girls decided to save the apples from Mr. Wolf. Mary the eldest sister gets an idea. She says “Twins we should pop the magic bubble and make a fire spitting dragon to scare Mr. Wolf.”

The girls got the magic bubbles from an invisible tree growing near river. Only they could see that invisible tree because they had super vision. When you POP the magic bubble it would create whatever you ask it to make.

Jas and Jes ran to their house and opened the magic bubble case and carefully carried the bubble in their hands.

They gave the bubble to Mary who said the magic words “FA SO LA FA” and “Make a scary dragon appear and Mr. Wolf disappear” “FA SO LA FA”
A fire spitting dragon appeared once the girls POPPED the magic bubble. Mr Wolf saw the dragon and immediately ran away to Trick Street and never came back again to Animal Street.

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