Love is sweet

by ki'tiara

Hearing the scraping sound of metal and seeing blood everywhere, the car tipped over and rolled in the lake. Linny desperately kicked at the window, as the car started to fill up with water.

After a few minutes, the glass broke. She grabbed her husband and slipped out the window, but got stuck. She then tried to break free. Struggling and eventually she was out, but before Linny could do anything she passed out.

Linny awoke in hospital, to see, a lady, mid 20?s. Staring at her. It was a nurse ?Where is my Husband?? Linny demanded. The nurse gently put her hand on Linny?s shoulder, for a silent second and whispered. He drowned. How? Linny raged, her anger and sorrow building up, but to confused to understand. The nurse then continued on. He drowned minutes after the crash and Linny was later found near the shore, by two police. The ambulance tried to resuscitate him but they were too late. Linny cried, she couldn?t believe her husband was dead and it was all her fault. She shouldn?t have convinced him to go to his parents. The nurse gave Linny a hug and then said she needs her rest. The nurse then left. Linny cried herself to sleep.

A week later Linny was allowed to go home, as her leg was getting better and she had no concussion. She was still upset about the death of her husband and the planning of the funeral was even hard. Buying flowers, buying a coffin, sending out invitations and more. It would have cost well over 10.000 dollars. Linny went straight home to bed; she couldn?t think of anything, everything was a blur. Linny loved her husband so much. Now everything is a total emptiness.

The next day Linny went to the funeral. There were over sixty mourners. She did nothing but cry uncontrollably for hours on end. When the funeral was over Linny?s mother drove her home where she went home to her empty bed.

In the middle of the night Linny was awoken to hear a loud bang. Linny jumped out of bed and went silently downstairs. It sounded like it was coming from the lounge room. She followed the noise, but couldn?t see anything. Linny was about to go back to bed when she noticed blood on the carpet, There was a trail. Linny followed the blood foot prints to the basement. Linny clicked on the light, but it didn?t work. All of a sudden the light started to flicker on and off. Linny could see someone with cold, glassy blue eyes. Was it her husband? No it couldn?t be. It must be her imagination, after the death of her husband she couldn?t stop thinking about him. Linny then went upstairs to bed and forced herself to sleep.

In the morning Linny was awoken to hear the kettle. Linny went downstairs to the kitchen to see a nice hot coffee sitting on the bench. Linny thought this was strange but went outside on the veranda to drink it. Maybe she wasn?t imagining things, maybe her husband is watching over her. Linny started to feel better. That day Linny decided to invite her friend over to watch movies. After a few hours her friend Sammy came over. Linny and Sammy watched about four movies when the television started to change channels all by its self. Strange, Linny went over to push the buttons when all of the sudden she got electrocuted. Linny pulled her hand back and stepped back next to Sammy. After a second all the lights went off in the house. It was a blackout. Linny then went to Sammy?s house hoping there was electricity.

The next day Linny said goodbye to Sammy and headed home in her rental car. At home Linny settled down to a nice hot coffee. When she was about to go on the veranda, she noticed the television was still on. Linny walked up to turn it off when she noticed her wedding video was on. Dumbfounded Linny didn?t know how the video got off the top shelf. Linny put the video away and went outside. Linny thought her mind was playing tricks or something. Maybe she needed to get out and do things.

Later in the night Linny got ready to go out to the club with her two friends. Just as Linny was putting her makeup on she heard footsteps in the kitchen. Linny stopped and listened. There were scraping sounds of chairs moving and smashing sounds of plates. Frightened Linny ran into the bedroom and called the police. Linny stayed in her room for twenty minutes when she heard a knock on the door. It was the police. Linny then ran down the stairs and straight to the door. Linny then opened the door and told the police everything. The police then examined the kitchen but couldn?t find any forced entry, so left. Linny then grabbed her keys and her handbag and got in the car and went to the club. Linny thought she was going crazy and needed some time out. Linny stayed at the club for five hours with her two friends. Linny then decided to go home.

In the middle of the night Linny was awoken to a loud bang. Linny got up and went downstairs to investigate, but saw nothing, so went back upstairs to sleep. Linny was about in bed when she heard another noise, it sounded like someone was crawling up the stairs. Making loud thumps. Linny got scared and hid under the blanket. Linny could hear it getting closer and closer. Linny then slowly pulled the covers down and saw a half mangled person with blue watery eyes and long blonde hair. It was Linny.

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