by Katherine W.

Two parents were about to go out for the first time since they had had twins, so they hired a first time baby sitter. Once the parents had left the baby sitter put the babys to bed then went downsatirs to watch tv.

5 minutes later the phone rang... she picked it up. "I like licking lollypops..." said a quiet, huskey voice. She put the phone down and went upstairs to check on the babys. Nothing had changed except the room was colder. She went to close the window but it was already closed... She went back downstairs.

After another few minutes the phone rang again. "I like licking lollypops... I like licking lollypops..." She hung up and left the phone off the reciever then went to check on the babys. Hands shivering, she opened the door... Nothing had changed excpet the window was open and a swirling breeze was whispering its way into the room. She shut the window and went downstairs, seeing the phone back on the reciever, but ignoring it...

Soon after she calmed herself the phone rang one more time... Hands quivering she picked it up. "I LIKE LICKING LOLLYPOPS!I LIKE LICKING LOLLYPOPS!" Screaming this time she slammed the phone down, she ran up to the babys room and there were the babys heads on the bed posts of the crib and written on the wall, dripping towards the floor were the words "i like licking lollypops..."

That girl was never seen again and the house was later closed down, but some say every time teh window mysteriously opens the voice is there... "i like licking lollypops... i like licking lollypops..."

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