Locked in the Basement

by Serena

One night Serena and Kenya decided to call Jakob to come over to their house. (Serena and Kenya are sisters, Jakob is their cousin.) So when Jakob came over, they started playing until they were beat down.

And one night when no one was home they all heard a noise coming from the basement...
(crash, slam!!!!) "What was that??" said Kenya. Serena looked scared. Jakob said "Something probably fell cause we stomped to much." "Maybe," said Serena.

They went to go to check it out. They went downstairs to the basement. Kenya started freaking out! All of them did! Then it got dark,someone had closed the door! "Ahh!" screamed Kenya she made Serena nervous and Jakob. Then the door locked by itself. Serena started sobbing. Kenya turned on the lights in the basement but it took her awhile because the basement was huge.

Then they all saw a black figure move in the basement. They all huddled together close. "I'm scared," said Kenya. "Me too!" said Serena. Jakob was too. "I'm scared!" said Jakob. A lamp, a pan, an old barbie doll and a bunch of dishes in the basement fell down. Then one white figure one black one quickly floated passed.

"I think this place is haunted..." said Kenya shivering squeezing Serena and Jakob's hand. They all started to cry. They cried themselves to sleep. The next morning they thought it was a dream but no, it was not a dream!

"Oh nooo!" cried Serena. It wasn't fake! Kenya and Jakob and Serena tried their best to pull open the door but it was no use. They started to cry again.

Then they heard laughter. It was Serena and Kenya's parents! They unlocked the door and said, "Hi kids want pizza? HA HA!" Kenya screamed and Serena was shocked and Jakob started laughing. Kenya said, "Why did you do this?" "To teach you a lesson." "So, this place is not haunted?" said Serena. "Nope," said her dad while her mom was laughing. "Then, PARTY ON! And ran out the door laughing. This was a night to remember!

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