Little girls Alka & Arati

by Vaman

Alka and Arati were studying in the same class. They were close friends. Both were almost same age of eight years. Alka was a studious in the class. Arati was also studious, but cultivated a bad habit of jealousy. She never tolerate, if Alka overtake her either in studies, sports or any other activity.

Both were studying in 2nd standard. In the annual examination, Alka scored highest marks and declared as topper. Arati was also scored good marks with fifth rank. She could not tolerate this and decided to insult Alka in one or other occasion and waiting for an opportunity.

Arati’s intention was not fair. She wanted to insult her friend by hook or crook. She expressed her desire to dad. He advised her not to think of bad and told her try to concentrate fully on studies and score more marks than Alka. Arati was adamant and refused to accept the suggestion of dad. Due to affection, he agreed and asked her to give a piece of paper. He wrote a ticklish question on brain teasing and told her to ask this to her friend.

One day, Arati went to Alka house and told, “If you are really intelligent solve this, otherwise accept your defeat and I will solve it.” After going through it, Alaka accepted it as a challenge.

Alka asked her friend to read it again and again. Arati did the same. Then Alka took the paper and read it again. She was in a position to understand it properly. If the problem is correctly understood, then it will be easy to solve it. The brain teaser was like this. “Girl ‘A’ had a wristwatch given by her grandfather. Girl ‘B’ had a brand new watch received as a gift by her father. ‘A’s watch is ten minutes slow but she thinks it is five minutes fast. B’s watch is five minutes fast but she thinks it is ten minutes slow. One day, both had to visit a temple, where annual function was going on. As per the system of the temple, the main doors would be closed at 4 ‘O’clock and nobody would be allowed to enter inside.

Alka took the blank paper and written the answer. Arati compared the answer with the one she was having, it was exactly correct. Arati had no other option except to apologise her friend and decided to change her attitude. What was her reply?

“’A’ arrived there first and it was well in time. By the time she arrived the main door was closed. She tried to arrive a short time before 4.05 by her watch, but 4.05 by her watch is actually 4.15 correct time. ‘B’ tried to reach a short time before 3.50 by her watch, which means correct time in her watch is 3.45.

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