Little Emma

by Shane-Louise
(United Kingdom)

There was a young girl called Sally, and it was her birthday. Her nan had bought her a gorgeous little doll.

"Here Sally, I bought her off an old friend. Her name is Emma" said her nan as she handed her the doll. "arww, thanks nan" sally said with excitement as she held the doll in her arms.

Sally had left her doll downstairs for the night, so it would be safe. Sally was up in her room, around 11pm playing with all her other gifts. All of a sudden Sally heard a voice from the bottom of the stairs: "Sally, why won't you play with me?"
"hello? anyone there?" Sally questioned the voice,
"I want to play with you! I should be your favourite."

"What? Who is that? Is this a Joke?!" Sally Questioned with anger.

"Sally, if you don't play with me I'm going to have to get you when you least suspect it."
"W-w-WHATT?!?" Sally started to worry.

"You have 24 hours, if you don't play with me within that time, I'm going to get you" The voice sounded evil by this time.

Sally opened the door and saw 'Emma' sitting outside against the wall. Sally, just froze with shock.

It came to morning. Everything was the way it was before, so Sally decided to relax and take it easy.

Sally decided to go out with her friends for the day, completely forgetting what the voice had said the night before.

She had got home around 9pm, she had her dinner and went upstairs. She got into her room and she saw 'Emma' on her bed.

"Emma... You should be safe downstairs, I don't want you to get broken"

Sally held Emma in her arms and took her downstairs.

Sally placed Emma on the sofa, and said "Night Emma. See you in the morning."

Sally ran upstairs to go to bed still having no idea about what the voice had said, then all you heard was a little voice whisper "There will be no morning for you!"

"SALLY! You didn't play with me today!"

Sally jumped up in her bed... "Hello? Who is that?!"

"You had 24 hours to play with me. You never did!" shouted the voice.

"WHO IS THAT?" Sally started to get scared
"You really wanna know?" Questioned the voice.

"YES! Please! Your scaring me..."

"ok... I'll show you who it is" whispered the voice.

Emma was standing at the door with a knife in her hand, "Surprise!"

Sally screamed, but it was too late.
Emma had already got her.

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