Little baby

by Laura

it was a beutiful sunday morning and today we were moving into our new house. while i was exploring the house i realised something was really strange, there was something behind the doors of the rooms crying but more freakin scary was that it sounded like a baby crying.

when i was just about to enter one of the rooms to check which room the sound was coming from my mum called me down for lunch.

at night when my parents got to sleep i heard the baby crying sound again it was coming from out of the closet of my room. i jumped out of bed and ran as fast as i could to my mums room and told them all about the story but they were so sleepy that they said i was dreaming.

the next morning when we were having breakfast i told my parents again about the mysterious sound coming from the closet of my room they wouldnt believe me they even decided to taks me to psycologists to check whether i had problems.

at night after i brushed my teeths and washed my face i decided to sleep myself and discover where the sound was really coming from and who was producing the sound. at approximately 8:30 i went to my parents room kissed them goodnight then headed to my own room and crept in bed. after 10 min the sound once again started echoing through the whole house but i was too tired that day so i ignored it. the next morning i woke up it was already 9:30.

after 3 days of observation i found out that the sound normally starts at 9:00 and ends at 9:10. one night i woke up my at mid night to go to the toilet when i walked past the closet i thought i saw something hanging on the closet door but because the lights werent opened i ignored it. when i got back from the toilets and opened the light i found a dead baby with blood dripping down from its head hooked on the door.

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