Other Literacy Types to look into

I have reviewed the literacy types known as Functional, Information and Computer. These form the basic building blocks we are interested in for our drive to get kids writing short stories.

In your quest for more details you may also want to review the concepts of Global, Technology, Media and Visual just to name a few.

The various forms simply give us pause to think about other ways that our children are either affected by the world or will need to be shaped in order to cope with it. Consider each of your kids independently, and try to assess the skills of each as related to these topics.

The one I am most keen on, for children, is Mathematical. I was always very good in math and it helps young, career searchers in computer work, finance and just getting around and making change. Actually, I seem to use math so often I really don't know how others, without even the basics, can ever manage.

The Mathematical form can also be called Numeracy and is the understanding and use of the basic symbols in arithmetic. Numeracy is vital for your child's future and goes hand in hand with Functional literacy.

Be sure to also inform yourself regarding Information Literacy. It is vital for any child destined for greater things.

A well-balanced approach and adaptability to all of these forms will be one of the best things you can ever encourage and promote in your child.

In all cases, if you've made it this far you may want to consider a good overview of the short story and its history.

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