Lip Troubles

by Sophia G.
(Fredericton, NB)

One day, Princess Sophia was happily playing in her kingdom. That day was her curse day, because her brothers stuck her lips to the monkey bars outside. It was very cold so her lips stuck right away.

She had neither a coat nor snow pants, nor hat nor mittens.

The famous cat, Mr Rocco, happened to walk by the monkey bars at the time. Mr. Rocco, the cat, said to the Princess "Why are you stuck up there ". Princess Sophia replied in a light voice "The evil boys stuck my lips to the monkey bars". The famous cat said "I will go and fetch you a hot chocolate drink". Then the mother came, and found the Princess outside, with no outdoor clothes on. The mother yelled at the top of her lungs. Then the brothers came outside, and laughed and laughed and laughed. The mother said "Why are you laughing?". When the mother looked back at her daughter, her daughter was as a frozen ice cube.

The brothers loved their electronics so the mother gave them a punishment that they are not allowed to use any elctronics for a week. The boys cried, and cried, and cried.

Soon they were begging for electronics, just at night time. The cat, Mr Rocco said "You should have thought about that before you stuck the princess's lips to the monkey bars".

Then the mother called the fire department, and said "Emergency, Emergency! My daughter is stuck to the monkey bars by her lips". The firefighter said "Hey, are you the mother of the famous Princess?" The mother said "Yes, I am".

"Even your cat is famous?" asked the firefighters.

"Yes" said the mother.

"We will come right away. We will do anything for you and your daughter", said the firefighter.

The firefighter said "Where is the Princess?". The mother said "She is in the back yard". "She is stuck to the fourth monkey bar".

The firefighter rushed to the back yard. They didn't see her anywhere. They turned and went all around the back yard. Finally, they found her. The used a chain saw to rip off the fourth monkey bar. They got her down, but the bar was still on her lips. They took her to the hospital, and they took off the bar from her lips. She was asleep when they did it.

The brothers felt the guilt in their stomachs. They got a huge pack of balloons for the Princess for her home arrival. Finally, they were all home.

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