Lily's Red Roses

by Anne

One day, a little girl named Allys went out to pick flowers for her family's dinner that night. She was told to pick really special flowers since there was a special guest coming that night. Allys looked all around the flowers her mom had planted, and only found a few daisies to offer. She looked in a nearby meadow, but it was nearly fall and all of the brightly coloured flowers had either been eaten by rabbits or had withered from the blazing heat of summer.

Allys was getting frustrated with the lack of colour around her house, when she noticed the forest that was only a few yards away from the edge of the meadow. She went close to the towering trees, and noticed an eerie silence in to forest, so different from the scuffling of small animals in the meadow, and the sounds of traffic that surrounded her house.

She ventured inside, looking for patches of brightly coloured flowers, but only noticed the crisp brown leaves slowly fluttering down from the trees. She wandered in further, hoping that she didn't get lost, when she stumbled upon the glen.

The glen that Allys had stumbled upon had a calm pond, with smooth stones at the bottom. With a shiver, Allys recounted the story that she had been told by her older brother. "It's haunted by the ghost of a little girl named Lily," he had said, and she kills anyone who tries to hurt her pond that she had found. She had drowned in that pond, and when they found her body, she was holding a single red rose", he murmured, and then had grabbed Allys to try to scare her.

Allys was sure it was just a story, a tale to frighten small children like her, and just then she noticed a bush of roses, in a brilliant ruby red. She carefully picked a few roses and set them in a basket she carried with her. Just then, she noticed a fog coming out of the trees. Allys panicked, and backed into the still little pond.

A misty figure rose out of the fog, clutching a rose, a red rose, and lifted her hand to Allys' head. She forced Allys into the pond, and Allys couldn't breathe. This is Lily, she realized. Everything Allys could see turned black. Lily plucked a rose from the bush, and pried it around Allys' stiff, dead hand, and turned around, walking away from Allys' cold body.

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