Life Can Be Short

by Jerome Barona

The book with very few pages

The book with very few pages

My grandma told me the facts of her life, she had a son and daughter namely Edna and Elmer. Aunt Edna was born on 1967 and Uncle Elmer on 1971.

Aunt Edna had a complication that her heart was coated with phlegm, Uncle Elmer died because he is mentally retarded. Uncle never eats but instead he drinks milk and Aunt, they went to aunt's aunt to drink the most expensive milk.

Aunt Edna must seriously take a surgery but she was too young. When I saw my another uncle named Joseph that has a big scar on his arm, it was a vaccination. Then I told grandma why didn't she took Aunt Edna for a vaccination and that was only the cure. "You know, that was a long time ago and there were no vaccinations yet" she answered, Grandma said Uncle Elmer died when they're eating lunch, she said his energy became weak then slept.

I told grandma that I want to see the picture, but she threw it away. They really had a short vigor. It was like a book that has very few pages.

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